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Makino a51

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Our Equipment and CNC Machines

Our CAD/CAM Workstations
All of our workstations from our central programming room to our engineering offices utilize Dual Monitors for improved workflow and efficiency.
Speroni Tool Presetter
Fully automatic and operator independent and with its sub-pixel & sub micron resolution of less than 0.000039" (< 1 micron) provides the most accurate and repeatable way to measure and preset our tools.
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM, and DCC CMM)
We utilize Brown and Sharpe coordinate measuring machines to perform inspection. Our inspection department has both manual and direct computer controlled coordinate measuring machines.

Our coordinate measuring machines will allow us to inspect, or create solid models of your parts.

Another aspect of our CMM's is the ability to accurately reverse engineer a product, thus allowing us to make sure your design will integrate with the parts or assemblies that it is to be a part of.
HP 5500 - 50 Taper Horizontal Machining Center, Our newest addition.
We have added larger capacity horizontal machining to our capabilities. As with all of our milling centers our HP5500 is a full 4 axis machining center.

Our newest horizontal machining center provides us a 40 horsepower spindle and federates of 1000 inches per minute. Amazingly a machine of this size still obtains rapid traverse rates of 1900 inches per minute. The tool magazine allows 90 tools to be pre set and available for a wide range of projects.

The HP 5500 HMC is also equipped with a Renishaw OMP-60 spindle probing system.
Max work piece
  • Dia: 31.5" x 37.5" Tall
  • Weight: 1,763.7lbs

  • Travel
  • X = 31.5"
  • Y = 27.6"
  • Z = 29.5"
  • Makino A51
    This is our horizontal department workhorse. The Makino a-51 is a high speed full 4 axis horizontal machining center. Our a-51 is equipped with a 128 position CAT 40 tool magazine. A 12,000 rpm spindle and extreme acceleration allows us to obtain cutting feeds up to 1575 inches per minute. Rapid traverse rates of 1975 inches per minute minimizes overall cycle time. Our versatility is expanded by having multiple extra pallets for this system thus allowing short lead times to ongoing projects.

    Our a-51 is also equipped with a Renishaw spindle probing system for in process inspection and on the fly datum updates.
    Max work piece
  • Diameter: 24.8" x 35.4" Tall

  • Travel
  • X = 22.0"
  • Y = 22.0"
  • Z = 23.6"
  • Puma 2000SY, Our most versatile turning center.
    Our turning department includes multi-axis turn/mill centers. Our Daewoo SY2000 allows us to bar feed 2.5 diameter bar. This machining center provides us both turning functions as well as full 4 axis milling. The Y axis allows features to be milled up to 2.5 inches off the spindle centerline. All the spindles in this machine allow rigid tapping. A synchronized subspindle allows part pick-off from the main spindle, and allows us to complete 'secondary' machining without operator intervention. Complex tight tolerance parts are the mainstay to a work center such as this.

    An automated magazine fed bar loader allows this work center nearly 100 percent spindle uptime.
    Max work piece
  • Diameter: 13.00" x 23.5" Long

  • MTA Super 80
    As an addition to our Puma 2000SY, we have attached the Super 80 bar feeder. Bar diameter
  • 1/4" to 3-1/8"

  • Bar length
  • 61.00"

  • Puma 6S, the little spinner
    (more to come) Max work piece
  • Diameter: 0.00" x 0.0" Long

  • Fadal 4020
    Our Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Center Max work piece
  • 40.0 " x 20.0" x 10.0"

  • Travel
  • X = 40.0"
  • Y = 20.0"
  • Z = 0.0"
  • Fadal 3016
    Our Fadal 3016 Vertical Machining Center Max work piece
  • 30.0 " x 16.0" x 10.0"

  • Travel
  • X = 30.0"
  • Y = 16.0"
  • Z = 0.0"
  • Performa JR
    Our Performa JR by Akira Seiki. Max work piece
  • 0.0 " x 0.0" x 0.0"

  • Travel
  • X = 0.0"
  • Y = 0.0"
  • Z = 0.6"
  • Our Manual Lathe
    Why do we have one when we are a CNC shop? We mostly use it in-house to create fixtures and tooling.

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